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At St. Croix Staging, you will not only find a passion for decorating & design but more importantly passions for helping people achieve their dreams. Whether it be through the staging of your existing home to help you obtain top dollar & a quick result or helping you settle into your new home with my redesign service, St. Croix Staging is there to help make the transition process easy.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the home furnishings industry, I have developed a strong sense of what buyers today are looking for along with a sharp sense of design. By incorporating my past experience & training in marketing, sales & consumer profiling, I work closely with you & your realtor to identify your target market and then create a space that they can aspire to.

As an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and a St. Paul native, I bring to you compassion for the community we live in as well as a talent to help maintain its value. I would love the opportunity to work with you throughout the process!

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Since having founded St. Croix Staging in May of 2007, we have serviced our clients through the ups & downs of the market from the 2009 market crash in which there was a surplus on inventory, through the recovery and into a hot seller's market in which there is a housing shortage.


The one thing that hasn't changed throughout that time period is the value of properly staging and creating that great first impression. Throughout the years and various markets, statistics have proven that a properly staged property will generate a higher sale price increasing the seller's bottom line at the time of closing. 

What has changed is the increasing awareness of what properly staging a property can do to assist both the buyers and the sellers in visualizing the true potential of a property and how it can feel like home. With an increasing awareness of today’s decorating and design trends, buyers have higher expectations of style when they walk into your home. 

St. Croix Staging has designed programs to help simplify the process of pulling your space together whether you are looking to sell or stay and just need a little extra help in pulling it together!

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