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Our Staging Services…

Consultation - $199.99

Your home staging makeover will begin with a 2 hour walkthrough of your home, both inside & out, through the eyes of the buyer gathering the first impressions. Having a complete & thorough assessment of what can and should be done. 


Top Ten” Priority Report – $199.99

Add this customized report focusing on the ten most important things the seller should do right away to increase the value of their home and obtain a faster sale. Designed for homeowners that are already headed in the right direction but just need a little extra guidance to complete the look.

Hourly Staging - $99/hour

At the time of the initial consultation, St. Croix Staging would be happy to give you an estimate of hours needed in order to get your home ready for resale.

E-Staging - $399.99 per room

Just send St. Croix Staging a photo of the room you need help with and we will send you a list of recommendations for improvements, a complete guided shopping list and where to purchase,  as well as a 3d rendering of what the space could look like with the suggested recommendations in place!

Vacant or Model Home Consultation - $199.99

This would include recommendations of work yet to be completed throughout the home as well as an estimate for bringing in furnishings and accents.

Shopping Service -$99/hr

St. Croix Staging will take care of the final details! I will work within your budget to find the finishing touches needed to invest in the sale of your home.

Our Redesign Services…

Consultation - $199.95

With our redesign makeover, we will begin with a walkthrough of your home, discussing what it is you like and do not like about how your home functions for you, and what items are of sentimental value that we should work in to our future plans. We will start with the color palette and work our way in to space planning with your furniture and figure out what we need to add or take away to get your home to function the way you need it to as well as give you a cohesive and tranquil feel when you walk in the door.

E-Design Service - $399.99 per room

After completing a brief questionnaire about you, your family and how you use the space you will send us photos and from there St. Croix Staging will work to create a space that works both functionally and esthetically.

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